benefits of Membership

Benefits of Membership “Saya Foundation”:


  1. Access to the Basic Human Rights through seminars, rallies and the official meetings of the Saya Foundation in all around the country.
  2. Secholarship opportunities for the shinning and deseverd students.
  3. Join a community of peers; build partnership ; exchange ideas; work collaboratively; and be a adviser to others.
  4. Engage in policy discussions with leaders of the Saya Foundation
  5. Participate in direct advocacy and outreach to different stakeholders working for the marginalized segment of the society.
  6. Bring your voice and views to policy and operational meetings with the government officials, other NGOs, and the stakeholders.
  7. Promote your work in Member Activity Reports.
  8. Strengthen relationships with private funders, associators , and key thinkers to reduce the poverty, quality education and to ensure the peace full society.
  9. Capacity Building through thematic- and issue-oriented working groups and member-driven sympathy groups.
  10. Attend strategic planning sessions that address new and evolving issues in NGO environment.
  11. Receive timely updates on current issues and events through email lists.
  12. Promote employment opportunities on Saya Foundation Job Board.
  13. Participate in the different functions, sports gala events, annual dinner the other religious events at the platform of Saya Foundation.