Aims & Objectives

  1. The aim of the organization is to work for the betterment of women’s and children’s established Education centers, Health centers with allied facilities and to endeavor to promote, initiate, encourage, foster undertake, support and contribute towards the education, community betterment and health promotion of women’s and children’s in particular and the social an economic well-being of individuals, groups and communities in general.
  2. To endeavor to develop and implement programs to promote research consultation, Training for the purpose of health, social development of community and such other activates which contribute towards the achievement of these goals.
  3. To provide medical treatment to the poor and needy women’s and children’s.
  4. To give financial help to disable, orphan, widows and women’s and children’s
  5. To start literacy program for women’s and children’s providing them informal and Technical education to enable them to earn their living.
  6. To affiliate itself or with association of other institutions, to establish dispensaries, Vocational institute and health center for the benefit of the community.
  7. To collaborate or associate with non-government organization, on-government donor organization, and support organization in the shape of information sharing, Technical and material support and through training, and other national agencies and Institution for the furtherance of the objective of the society.
  8. To encourage, promote, support or arrange symposia, seminars, lectures, classes and Exhibition to advance the objective of the society
  9. To do all such other things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above object or any of them.
  10. To institute and award, fellowships, exhibitions, medals, gift, grants prize, aids, and monetary or other assistance to individuals or groups engaged in the practice, study, research, furtherance, promotion and creation of any of the objectives of the society and all retaliated fields and activities.
  11. To create, establish mange and maintain documentation and information resource centers furthering the objective of the society,
  12. To receive and administer funds for educational, and health purpose, for the women’s and children’s welfare and for no other purposes.
  13. To fight against the child labor
  14. To protect women’s right
  15. To fight against gender discrimination
  16. To develop awareness about family planning

The object set forth in any sub-clause of this clause shall not, except where the context so requires, be in any way limited or restricted by reference to the terms of any other sub-clauses or the object therein specified.

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